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Dual Enrollment

Compton College offers high school students to enroll in college courses and earn credits toward both college and middle school or high school requirements. Compton College offers several special dual enrollment programs connected to our local high schools as well as open enrollment for individual K‐12 students. Compton offers 43 degree programs and 47 certificate programs to better prepare you for your future. Create your own success now!

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is an accelerated path that allows eligible K‐12 students to get an early start on college. Students can take college courses and save time and money. Benefits include:  

  • Getting a head start on academic and professional goals 
  • Starting college early
  • Engaging in rigorous course work while earning high school and college credit at the same time.   Courses and grades will be recorded on a student’s college transcript.
  • Accessing resources only available to Compton College students such as college tutoring, use of the Student Success Center, and many more

Saving Money

Dual enrollment is a cost‐effective way for K‐12 students to earn college credits because tuition fees are waived for California residents. Currently, dual enrollment is not open to out-of-state students or to students with student visas or tourist visas. K‐12 students participating in the following dual enrollment programs can also receive class materials such as textbooks at no cost:  

  • Afternoon College  
  • College and Career Pathways (CCAP), also known as AB 288 Programs  
  • Early College 

    K‐12 Students not participating in a Dual Enrollment Program listed above are responsible for purchasing required textbooks and class materials.


Programs Offered

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