Attendance at First Class

Students who enroll in class but do not attend the first scheduled class meeting may be dropped from the roster and their places given to waiting list students.  If illness or emergency prevents a student from attending the first class session, the student must contact the instructor.

A student who registers for a class and never attends is still responsible for dropping the class.  Failure to properly drop a class by the appropriate deadline may result in a "W" and may hold the student responsible for any and all fees associated with the class. The burden of proof is on the student.

Attendance Without Official Enrollment

Students will not be permitted to attend classes in which they are not officially registered.  Exceptions may be allowed by the instructor for bonafide visitors.  Students who attend a class without proper enrollment (the student did not properly register or add the class) by the published deadline will not be permitted to "late add" the class except for documented extenuating and mitigating circumstances.  Students who do not properly register or add a class will receive neither unit or grade credit for that class.

Attendance During Semester

Students are expected to attend their classes regularly.  Students who miss the first class meeting or who are not in regular attendance during the add period for the class may be dropped by the instructor.  Students whose absences from a class exceed 10% of the scheduled class meeting time may be dropped by the instructor.  However, students are responsible for dropping a class within the deadlines published in the class schedule.  Students who stop attending but do not drop may receive a failing grade.  Students may view their registration status on MyCompton.

Adding a Class

If space is available‚ students who have completed registration may add a class by going to the first meeting of the class and securing permission of the instructor. It is the responsibility of the student to fulfill all requirements to add a course, and to add the course by the add deadline in accordance with college procedures.  Adds will not be processed beyond the add deadline.

Withdrawal from Class

Official withdrawal from a class should be processed through the MyCompton student portal. Failure to complete this process may result in the assignment of a letter grade of A through F.

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