Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)


EOPS (Extended Opportunity Programs and Services) is a state funded program designed to assist eligible students with completing their educational goals.   

CARE(Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education) is a state funded program designed to provide support and services to students that are eligible for EOPS and are receiving cash aid assistance. 

NextUp (Foster Youth Student Support Program) is a state funded program that offers eligible current and former foster youth support and services. 

Currently Accepting New Student EOPS/CARE/NextUp Applications

Spring 2024 Application

Click Here to Apply for EOPS/CARE/NEXTUP

EOPS/CARE/NEXTUP Informational Flyer

Spring 2024 Office Hours:

 February 26, 2024 - June 7, 2024 

Contact Information

Main Office: SSB 280
(310) 900-1600 Ext. 2912

Please click here to chat with an EOPS/CARE/NEXTUP Team Member

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