Faculty Course Review Committee

The Faculty Course Review Committee serves two roles in Distance Education. First, FCRC members act as faculty mentors through the Canvas Competency Demonstration and conduct the demonstrations. 

FCRC Meeting Agenda's and Minute's

For the Spring 2023 Semester FCRC will meet during the following dates/times:

  • Date 1
  • Date 2
  • Date 3

FCRC Zoom Meeting Link




Active Committee Members 

Guided Pathway Division



SSCI Dr. Brad Conn (Chair) bconn@compton.edu
SSCI Nathan Lopez nlopez11@compton.edu
STEM Gayathri Manikandan gmanikandan@compton.edu
SSCI Steven Gonzales sgonzales@compton.edu
HEPS Jasmine Phillips jphillips@compton.edu
STEM Kent Schwitkis kschwitkis@compton.edu
FACH Nikki Williams niwilliams@compton.edu 
FACH Susan Johnson sjohnson@compton.edu
SSCI Kendhal Radcliffe kradcliffe@compton.edu
FACH Judith Crozier jcrozier@compton.edu

If you are interested in becoming POCR Certified, mentoring faculty, and joining FCRC please contact the DEFC Dr. Brad Conn (bconn@compton.edu). 

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